I, the signatory, hereby acknowledge and understand the race rules of this race over the rough terrain of the off road trails. In consideration of the acceptance of my entry, I for myself, my executors, heirs, administrators and assigns do hereby release and discharge the Race Organisers, Energy Events, Cape Nature, Sanddriff, the landowners and any and all sponsors, any and all volunteer groups, and all local authorities from all claims for injuries, damage or property loss I may suffer caused by negligence of any of them and arising out of my participation in this event, including pre- and post-race activities.

I am physically fit and sufficiently trained to participate in this endurance event and assume all risks of such participation. I hereby confirm that the details of my running CV is correct and true. I understand the conditions can be extreme.I do not suffer from any heart issues. I specifically direct that should evacuation from the route be required, such rescue service costs incurred, if any, will be for the account of the signatory. I have submitted my Running CV as requested.

Race Rules

1. Follow the designated route only. This route is ONLY for experienced trail runners. (Sorry, no juniors U21).
2. Obey all instructions from marshals. Failing to listen to instructions, may award you a disqualification.
3. You are required to be self sufficient with water and nutrition – do not rely on water tables, there are none, this is mountain running. There is fresh water in the streams which is pleasant and safe to drink.
4. Equipment – you will need the appropriate gear for the weather on the day. This may be a windbreaker, or a full – blown raincoat and thermal under garments. Head lamp. Be prepared!
5. All runners should take a space blanket, basic first aid kit, and a cell phone (although reception is sketchy).
6. Keep in mind that you are responsible for your own well – being on the trail. Be mindful of your
condition and only do what your body allows. If you have a heart condition or other medical issue, let us know in advance.
7. Absolutely no litter will be tolerated. You can help by picking up any dropped items.
8. Respect Animals – Do not disturb or harass wildlife. Animals scared by your sudden approach may be dangerous.
9. Be friendly to other trail runners, if you see any.
10. Please do not pick wild flowers, chip rocks or gather any other artefacts or trophies. Take photos, leave footprints.
11. Participants indicate acceptance of the rules of The Cederberg Traverse 2016 – (100km Trail Run) by their signature / click on the entry form.
12. Note – Cut off times to be advised.
13. There are no refunds. If you can not take part you must find a substitute for your entry. Roll-overs are valid for 1 year ONLY and substitutions do not apply.

Compulsory Kit

Trail pack (7+ Litre recommended)
6 AA batteries for GPS Unit
Base layer
Space blanket
2 litres of water


Suggested Kit

Spare pair of shoes for Algeria transition
Fresh running gear for Algeria
Emergency food supply
Sun glasses


Tips for race day

1. A good nights rest on the Thursday and Friday nights prior to the event are essential.
2. Practice running at night at least once before the event, it can be tricky.
3. Make sure you have a set race plan. Give yourself goals for each leg to break the distance up into smaller bite sized sections.
4. Nutrition is key. You are out for an extended period, your body needs fuel, make sure to have a sufficient plan to keep those legs going!
5. It’s all in the head. Mind over matter. If you have wrapped your mind around getting through this time and distance, you are 3/4’s of the way there.