100km of mountain trail, 3800m climbing, 5 checkpoints,  30 hours to complete the route.

Check Points

There will be water at each of the Check Points – Fill up whenever you can, some sections are dryer than others. There is a good chance it will be HOT. The water is clean and safe to drink.

You are required to check in with the marshal at each Check Point.

Supporters and seconds may assist at Algeria (CP4) ONLY. Here they will be allowed to provide food, replenishment, change of gear, massages, high 5s etc. Seconds are not allowed to be utilized as pacers or assist the runners in any way on route.

There will be a basic meal supplied at Algeria and a compulsory minimum 30min stop. There are facilities available like running water, showers, toilets etc.


100km: (30 hours to complete)

  • Start: Sanddrif

  • Time: 6am

  • Date: 15 October 2016

  • NB: All Cp’s will have EMERGENCY Food and Water

Check Points:

Distance Compulsory check-in Spectator accessibility Vehicle access Cut Offs:
Sanddrif 0km Yes Yes Start: 6am


Driehoek 15km Yes Yes Yes


Sleeppad Hut 27km Yes No Cape Nature only


Middleberg Hut 41km Yes No No


Algeria 60km Yes

(30 min compulsory stop)+ medical

*Must leave by 8pm

Yes Yes 7:00pm (15 Oct) 13 hrs

100km ( 2days)

Sleep at Algeria Start: 2 am

(16 Oct)


Sneeuberg Hut 80km Yes No Cape Nature only


Sanddrif 100km Yes Yes 12:00pm (16 Oct) 16 hrs
100km ( 2days) Finish at Sanddrift 12:00pm (16 Oct) 10 hrs
  • Finish: Sanddrif

  • Time: 12pm

  • Date: 15 October


Click here for printable route map